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We offer our clients two ways to invest: End-of-Day Trading and Progressive Mining

End-of-Day Trading

Whereas ordinary day trading suffers from the intense volatility of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market, end-of-day trading waits for the day’s dust to have settled and goes to work later on, when the markets are steadier and advantageous results are more readily predicted.

We usually trade during the last 4 to 6 hours that the market is open, using both manual and automatic orders to maximize gain when volatility is at its lowest.

Our trading staff and state-of-the-art bots trade Bitcoin and Ethereum against a full range of other cryptocurrencies. The combination of human and automatic trading allows us to keep double watch on the cryptocurrency landscape, so that we rarely miss a lucrative trading opportunity.

The result?

Greater returns and decreased risk for our clients.

Many investors have been put off by the rapid fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. Start Options places your investment in expert hands. We understand the market and we know how to trade around its volatility to achieve consistent gains.

There is a minimum investment of US$1000.00 for Start Options End-of-Day Trading. Your investment has no minimum term, and we charge no additional fees. You may withdraw money from your account at any time.

Previous performance figures have shown returns as high as 30% per month with End-of-Day Trading.

Progressive Mining

Most Bitcoin and Ethereum mining investments suffer from the same defect: too little return for your money.

Ordinary mining pools spread their rigs’ hashing power very thinly across a large number of investors. The result? The investor gets too small a share in the equipment, and a resultantly small share of the mining rewards.

This is why Start Options invented Progressive Mining. Unlike most mining pools, we own and operate all our mining equipment, and offer our investors larger shares in its hashing power. The result of that larger share in the equipment is a larger share in the mining rewards it generates.

An advantage to mining as an investment is that it provides slower but steadier returns than trading, as it isn’t affected by market volatility. Mining is a reliable process that produces reliable gains. The structure of our Progressive Mining program makes those gains even more dependable.

For Bitcoin mining, we employ Antpool 9 rigs. We are part of the Antpool ecosystem, the largest Bitcoin mining pool in the world.

Our Ethereum mining equipment is state-of-the-art and exceptionally efficient. We have found that the rewards from mining this altcoin can cumulatively outpace those of Bitcoin. Mining more than one currency has proven highly advantageous for our clients.

We offer three investment plans for Progressive Mining, with fixed returns that increase with the lengh of the term of your investment:

  • a 30-day term investment pays a return of 10% per month,

  • a 60-day term investment pays a return of 15% per month, and

  • a 90-day term investment pays a return of 20% per month.

For all three plans, the minimum investment is US$1,000.00. While we do not offer investment terms longer than 90 days, you may always reinvest your funds for a further 30, 60 or 90 days after the initial term has expired.