What deposit methods do you accept?

We accept deposits in bitcoin using a wallet-to-wallet transfer. Deposits of $10,000.00 or more may be made by bank wire in U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, euros, British pounds and yen. Bank fees may apply.

How may I withdraw funds from my account?

Unless your investment is in a fixed-term mining plan, you may withdraw funds from your account at any time. Withdrawals may be made by wallet-to-wallet transfer of bitcoin (minimum withdrawal: US$250.00). Withdrawals of US$10,000.00 or more may be made by bank wire in any of the currencies listed above. Bank fees may apply

In which countries do you operate?

Start Options operates worldwide. Our services are not available in countries in which they are prohibited by law.

Where are you based?

Our main office is located in the Republic of the Philippines. We have additional offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Auckland, New Zealand. Our mining operations are centered in the People’s Republic of China.

How long have you been operating?

Start Options began as a Forex trading company in 2010. We have been serving clients with our unique cryptocurrency options since 2012.

Do you have a minimum investment?

Yes. Our minimum investment for both End-of-Day Trading and Progressive Mining is US$1,000.00.

How do I verify my identity with you?

Anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations require that we obtain proof of the identity and address of all our clients. For individual clients, we ask that you submit scans of a valid passport and a utility bill that shows your name and address. For business clients, we ask to see your company’s Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Association, along with the passport of the company’s owner(s), and a utility bill showing the company’s current address.

How do I know whether trading or mining is the better investment option for me?

Although both trading and mining are profitable, a good rule of thumb is that End-of-Day Trading tends to offer greater gains, but also greater volatility. Progressive Mining provides a slower and steadier return on your money, and requires a minimum 30-day term to your investment.

Are the profits I make through Start Options taxable?

Tax structures for cryptocurrency vary substantially from country to country, and we do not offer tax advice to our clients. Start Options will provide you at year’s end with the requisite documentation to submit to your tax professional in your country of residence.