Start Options is a unique Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading
and mining platform that offers its clients unique solutions
to market volatility in order to leverage unparalleled gains.
Bitcoin 1 BTC =

Over the past two years, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have shown
astonishing potential for financial growth. The market’s extreme volatility has,
however, discouraged many otherwise-willing investors.

Start Options’ proven methods greatly reduce client risk through unique
volatility-cooling solutions.

What We Do

Start Options offers two unique methods to maximize gain for our clients.

End-of-Day Trading

  • Cryptocoin trading is extremely volataile
  • Volatility = Risk
    Our End-of-Day Trading is designed to minimize the effects of market volatility on your investments.

Progressive Mining

  • Ordinary mining pools offer small returns
  • Cloud mining profitability is limited
    Our Progressive Mining creates sizable and steady returns for the term of your investment.

Who We Are

Start Options was founded as a Forex company in 2010. Sensing the field's enormous potential, we began trading and mining cryptocurrencies in 2012. Since then, we have become one of the world's fastest-growing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment firms. We have already performed hundreds of thousands of trades to secure unparalleled returns for our clients. Our understanding of current state of Bitcoin and Ethereum mining has led us to develop an investment protocol that is second-to-none for leveraging substantial gains from a field that many had thought nearly exhausted.

Start Options was founded with one purpose in mind: to bring the best of cryptocurrency investing to a diverse clientele while mitigating the market's downside. We are firm believers in cryptocurrency and its potential to change completely the way the world understands money. We believe that cryptocurrency has an almost limitless potential for growth, and our goal is to make that growth available to a wide investing public.

Start Options is based in Hong Kong, one of the world’s most international financial centers, ideally suited to our worldwide clientele. The cryptocurrency movement is founded on the ideal of creating a truly international money. We at Start Options rise to that challenge by making the benefits of cryptocurrency investing to clients spread across every one of the globe’s continents.

How It Works

Becoming a Start Options client couldn’t be easier.

GET STARTED or read on for a full description of the process.

1. Create an Account

Our online interface makes creating an account with Start Options extremely easy. One click leads you to a form that will ask you for your details and lead you through the simple steps to get started with our creative cryptocurrency solutions.

2. Verify Your Identity

Anti-money laundering regulations require that we verify our clients’ identities. These requirements can be met by sending us scans of a valid passport and a document confirming your current address.

4. Select Your Investment

You decide whether to pursue End-of-Day Trading, Progressive Mining or a combination of 30% trading and 70% mining. Our minimum investment is US$1,000.00. End-of-Day Trading comes with no fixed term; Progressive Mining requires a minimum 30-day term to your investment.

3. Fund Your Account

You make your initial deposit to your account by a transfer of bitcoin. We provide you with full instructions for completing the process.

We accept bank wire transfers for deposits of US$10,000 or more.

That’s all there is to it.

You sit back and relax. Our team of experts does the work for you.

There's no longer any need to worry about market volatility or making an uninformed, ill-timed or foolish trade.